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feat: markus bild

parent 8d5e76d0
......@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@ export class CCBLandingPage extends EmotionMixin(ScopingElement) {
${this.aboutUsItem('Elias Künstler', 'Adornis Ventures', '/adornis_logo.png', '2')}
${this.aboutUsItem('Onur Karademir', '', '/people/onur.png', '3')}
${this.aboutUsItem('Dr. Ina Draijer', 'FPS Consult GmbH', '/people/ina.png', '1')}
${this.aboutUsItem('Markus Heining', 'Adornis Ventures', '/adornis_logo.png', '2')}
${this.aboutUsItem('Markus Heining', 'Adornis Ventures', '/people/markus.jpeg', '2')}
${this.aboutUsItem('Marvin Fechner', 'FPS Rechtsanwälte Frankfurt', '/people/marvin.png', '1')}
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